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2014 DOK Leipzig, Doc German Competition
Germany | 2014 | 82 min. | German, Spanish | German subtitles | German Premiere
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Staedtebewohner | Städtebewohner

“A typical Heise”, one is tempted to call out: a quarry in terms of form, which is disguised neither by the exquisite dreamlike black and white images of seasoned cinematographer Robert Nickolaus nor the great cinematic score by Bowen Liu. At the same time, “Staedtebewohner” is the logical continuation of an oeuvre. Even in his Halle “Jam” films Thomas Heise was interested mainly in the social background from which the young right wing radicals came. In 2011 he entered new territory with “Solar System” which he shot in Argentina, a region of the globe that has haunted him ever since. But he also investigated the inner workings of institutions like the Berlin-Mitte district office (“The House”, 1985) or a crematorium (“Consequence”, 2012). And now it’s a Mexican juvenile detention centre. The film – another instance of self-referentiality – begins with a poem by Bertolt Brecht that opens a wide range of associations and evokes characters like Macheath or Baal, highly complex and sensual mixtures of violence and rebellion. The title is a statement: The inmates are an undeniable part of Mexico City. They may be locked away but can’t be split off.
Cornelia Klauß
Original Title: Städtebewohner
Country: Germany
Year: 2014
Language: German, Spanish
Subtitle: German
Runtime: 82 min.
Format: HDcam
Color: B&W
Director: Thomas Heise
Producer: Thomas Heise
Cinematographer: Robert Nickolaus
Editor: Mike Gürgen
Music: Bowen Liu
Sound: Christian Haardt, Thomas Heise
Script: Thomas Heise
Heino Deckert Filmproduktion

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