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The Quest of the Schooner Creoula

2014 DOK Leipzig, Doc Alliance Selection
Portugal | 2013 | 87 min. | Portuguese | English subtitles | German Premiere
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The Quest of the Schooner Creoula | A campanha do Creoula

In 2010, André Valentim Almeida set out on a journey of discovery. In an age when everything seems to have been explored and new land may only be found in space, perhaps a journey of discovery inevitably makes one look especially closely at and back at everything one encounters. On the schooner “Creoula” he meets a group of scientists who have embarked on Portugal’s greatest scientific expedition to the Ilhas Selvagens in the Atlantic Ocean. During the journey the filmmaker discovers connections to his uncle, a ship’s captain who used to fish in Newfoundland, Portugal’s maritime past and always himself. He looks at the past, the present and the future and discovers more than he expected from this expedition. And then, somehow, there is the World Championship and for a brief moment everyone is euphoric.
Original Title: A campanha do Creoula
Country: Portugal
Year: 2013
Language: Portuguese
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 87 min.
Format: DCP
Color: Colour
Director: André Valentim Almeida
Producer: Joana Miranda
Cinematographer: André Valentim Almeida
Editor: André Valentim Almeida
Sound: André Valentim Almeida, Paulo Cunha Martins
Script: André Valentim Almeida
Joana Miranda
TVU – Universidade do Porto

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