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2014 DOK Leipzig, Doc International Programme, Healthy Workplaces Film Award
France | 2014 | 82 min. | French | English subtitles | German Premiere
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Harvest | Vendanges

The scene: a small wine-growing region to the east of Toulouse. The time: mid-September. The cast: a company of about 15 women and men – “short service volunteers” for the few weeks of the wine harvest, armed with shears and buckets. The group has fanned out among the vines of a medium-sized grower in the Gaillac region. The statistics list them as harvest hands; the sociological term for them is “precariously employed”. The protagonists themselves, however, would qualify this imputation. Accepting it would mean handing over a big part of their pride. This attitude may be called unrealistic, but that’s precisely what director Paul Lacoste seems to be interested in: what people do and what they literally embody because of it rather than the opinions they express. The film still demonstrates almost casually how massively the insecurity of such an existence is inscribed into the protagonists’ behaviour. They all feel constrained by the unvoiced pressures of their situation. They may have more or less talent in suppressing such emotional and mental insights – but their objective effects can hardly be denied.
Ralph Eue
Original Title: Vendanges
Country: France
Year: 2014
Language: French
Subtitle: English
Runtime: 82 min.
Format: DCP
Color: Colour
Director: Paul Lacoste
Producer: Didier Creste
Cinematographer: Yvan Quehec
Editor: Anthony Brining
Samuel Blanc

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